IPv6 Factsheet

IPv6: The Future is Now More than Ever
February 13, 2017

IPv6 Factsheet

ICANN today released a factsheet covering Internet Protocol 6, or IPv6. The factsheet is intended to provide an explanation of the protocol upgrade for a non-technical audience in the hope of enlarging public understanding surrounding this and related issues.

The factsheet briefly reviews the technology behind IPv6, explains why it is needed, why uptake has been slow, and outlines why a move to the protocol should be considered soon by many organisations and governments.

The factsheet continues what has been a popular series of short, clearly written, guides covering topical technical issues in which ICANN is involved. The series editor is ICANN‘s general manager of public participation, Kieren McCarthy.

We welcome whatever feedback the community may have, plus suggestions for future factsheets. Please post any comments you have on the related blog postICANN is also hosting a special two-part session on IPv6 at its Los Angeles meeting next week. Part one is on Sunday 28 October between 2pm and 3.30pm; and the second session follows on from 4pm to 5.30pm.

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  1. Adel Hanchi says:

    I”m not yet convinced enough people understand the significance of the IPv6 transition — it isn’t just about the internet we’re using today, but the one we’re going to use tomorrow, with connected homes, smart devices, IP-enabled autos and so on.

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