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Webmail allows access to the mail service using a Web browser (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox ...)
It is use is compatible with that of mailers that you use (Eudora, Outlook Express ...). You can continue to use your regular email software when you are on your workstation and use webmail when you are on another workstation (travel, accommodation ...)

Webmail Access:

The service is accessible through a browser at webmail.rnu.tn (For teachers and administrative researchers)
The service is accessible through a browser at webmail.etudiant.turen.tn (For students of higher education in Tunisia)
You must provide your username and password for access.
This service is done via secure connections.

Function principle :

Messages that you save are stored on the mail server in your workspace. They are accessible from any computer connected to the Internet. All actions (composition and sending mail, reading, sorting or destruction of messages ...) are done on connected mode on the server.

in the case of software like pop (Eudora, Outlook Express ...), messages are transferred to your workstation, so they are accessible on your computer. All actions are done locally, except sending mail and notes.

Advantages of Webmail:

Your email is accessible from any position that has a browser and is connected to the Internet.
All messages that you keep are stored on the mail server, your client station does not retrieve messages.
Configuration is very simple; just provide his username and password.
The software performs all the functions related to e-mail: read, reply, post, delete, sort messages into files.



Since 1997, the CCK watched the implementation and the development of the University National Network and Search, and over Internet services for the sector of the scientific higher education and scientific research, mainly it is one of the pioneers in the conception and the implementation of network architectures and innovative applications.
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